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Ivanka Trump is Actually More Vain Than Her Father

PRECIOUS Ivanka (Photo: Getty Images)

The name “Trump” might as well be a synonym for “vanity,” but young Ivanka, Donald’s 27-year-old, Wharton-educated, mogul-dating daughter, is taking things to a new level. According to today’s Daily News, the maybe faux-chested scion sends an assistant to Madame Tussaud’s in Times Square to change the nail color of her wax likeness every week.

Now, in situations such as this, both parties will typically issue denials so as to not embarrass the transgressor, but a publicist for the hokey tourist trap doesn’t even bother. The News says that “a rep for the attraction said she was aware that Trump had sent over some polish.” To be fair, though, fretting over nail polish color is easier than overseeing the construction of a violation-plagued project workers are literally killing themselves to complete.

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