Cult Of Steve Jobs Increasing Its Rank

ON THE SKINNY Thinner Steve holds thinner iPhone (Photo: Getty Images)

You know what’s almost as exciting as having a new cheaper, faster, slightly thinner iPhone? Reading about said iPhone online! With last week’s announcement of the new iPhone, more gadget geeks than ever have been clicking for Steve Jobs. According to Radar‘s Fame-O-Meter, Jobs is gaining on the reigning king of the Web 2.0 moguls, Bill Gates, in the online popularity contest.

Adding to Jobs’ online intrigue is concern over his health. He looked quite gaunt at the iPhone unveiling, prompting tech-blogger-worry over his well-being. Apple said its man has just had a “common bug” in recent weeks, though Apple geeks and investors are always worried about Jobs’ health after he quietly battled cancer a few years ago.

Steven, you look too thin! You work too hard. Stop designing all those shiny white toys and take care of yourself. Have a sit down. We’ll make you a nice sandwich while you check out our Fame-O-Meter.

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