Did Steven Spielberg Kill Borat?


Director Steven Spielberg is said to have called for the end of Borat, that wildly popular mustachioed character you came to know and hate over the course of last year. And you know that what Spielberg wants, Spielberg gets. The director has succeeded in getting Sacha Baron Cohen to abandon comedy for serious acting and ink a $6 million role as Abbie Hoffman in the upcoming The Trial of Chicago Seven. The movie documents the group of protesters who disrupted the 1968 Democrat Party convention with an anti-Vietnam War protest that turned violent. Not unlike, say, the fleet of people who filed suit against Baron Cohen following the release of the Borat movie. A spokesman for Dreamworks denies any involvement by Spielberg in Baron Cohen’s decision to retire the character, noting that the director isn’t even officially attached to the Hoffman project as yet.

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