Is OJ’s Rep Worth Fighting For?

Like Lazarus resurrected from a tomb of who-gives-a-shit, O.J. Simpson returned to relevance this week, not as a Hall of Fame running back or Leslie Nielsen‘s wise-cracking sidekick, but as the raging criminal who so perfectly personified the 1990s.

With the simple act of allegedly forcing open a hotel door, allegedly wielding a hand gun, and throwing around f-bombs like they were skinny white women, the Juice supplanted news of attorney general hirings and huge lawsuits with his patented brand of bat shit insanity.

Though he may be beyond all hope, though there may be no redeeming this man, though PR, to OJ, will soon stand primarily for Prison Recreation, several high-powered PR agents have offered their advice to the Juice in a last ditch effort to bring him back from the brink. Among the gaggle are Matthew Traub of Dan Klores Communications, Ronn Torossian of 5WPR, and Frank Kauffman of Edelman PR.

O.J. Simpson, you’re in the PR/ER!!

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