Is Obama's Agenda Relative?

Barack Obama’s plans for the U.S. economy may be inspired, in part, by the plight of one of his own relatives.

It turns out that his aunt Zeituni Onyango, whom Obama lovingly referred to in his memoir Dreams From My Father, is living in a disabled-access apartment in a shabby public housing complex in South Boston.

In addition, the man depicted in Obama’s book as Uncle Omar was recently beaten by robbers while working in a store in the Dorchester section of the city. According to the Boston Housing Court, he was eventually kicked out of his one-bedroom apartment, unable to pay the $2324.20 in bills.

“In light of these revelations, Obama’s agenda to redistribute the country’s wealth starts to take on new meaning,” said one political analyst.

Aunt Zeituni has refused to answer any questions about her nephew until after the election. (Photo: WENN)

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