Is Obama Practicing ‘The Secret’?

WAXING POETIC Obama’s secret? Frequent brain massages (Photo: Getty Images)

It seemed a bit poorly timed when Oprah‘s new, post-Super Tuesday show yesterday returned to that scary, well-trod favorite subject of hers, The Secret.

Oprah! What about Obama? Is preaching bad self help and wishing for new luxury kitchen appliances (a topic actually covered on yesterday’s show) really the best way to boost your fave candidate when he needs it most? If anything, the Super Tuesday results show that in some places (like California), it may take more than hope and optimism and a constant refrain of “yes we can” to win the Democratic nomination.

Which, got us to thinking, has the Obama campaign been using the Laws of Attraction all along? The Secret has been criticized for its focus on material gain. The Obama campaign has been well financed, expecting to raise another $30 million this month alone. After the jump, further evidence in the form of direct quotations from both The Secret and the presidential candidate of hope.

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