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Is Latest Osama Video a Fake?


Osama bin lyin’?: A former Army linguist calls into question the authenticity of the latest Osama bin Laden video. Conspiracy theorists, go!

Off-site: Mitt Romney denies his camp’s involvement with the now defunct phoneyfred.org website with an explanation the Thompson campaign calls a “half-baked cover-up attempt.”

Birthday baby: Against all odds, Jayden James, youngest son of Britney, has survived his first year. Happy Birthday, little J.J.!

Livin’, lovin’ again: Led Zeppelin announces it will play a comeback concert in London this November. L.A. tribute band Led Zepagain faces existential crisis.

Every Rosie has her thorns: Rosie O’Donnell spills all in her new book Celebrity Detox, including gory details of her year on The View. Rosie, it is revealed, has endured far more than Elisabeth Hasselback, like, say, breaking her own bones with a baseball bat after her mother died.

Low point: It’s only a day after the sixth anniversary of 9/11, and Giuliani’s numbers are slipping.

Thin Lizzies: Shocking news from NYC Fashion Week: No one cares if models are too skinny. “Longer hemlines are covering the toothpick legs,” says a trend forecaster, “full skirts are covering the jutting hip-bones.”