Pettitte: Dirty Snitch, or Just a Yankee?

  • Yankees pitcher Andy Pettitte is one of a long, long list of baseball players cited in the Mitchell Report for steroid and/or human growth hormone (HGH) use. He’s also on a much shorter list of players “invited” to testify on February 13 before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. Both lists also contain the name Roger Clemens, who has denied all involvement, while Andy has admitted to getting two HGH injections before it was banned. Lawyers working for Clemens’ former personal trainer, Brian McNamee, announced today that they fully expect Pettitte’s upcoming testimony to corroborate their client’s statements about Clemens being a user. Telling the truth just might help Andy make up for straying from Christ’s pure path—even if it will result in legions of pissed-off fans and one very ‘roidy Clemens two seats over.

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