Is AMI Outsourcing Star to the Sunshine State?

FLYING SOUTH? Star EIC Bonnie Fuller

Employees of Star are getting seriously nervous about rumors that their jobs may pack up and head south. The New York Post <a href="
star_back_to_boca_business_keith_j__kelly.htm” target=”_blank”>reported last week that American Media Inc., which owns the tabloid, was considering relocating it to mixed doubles tennis hotbed Boca Raton, where AMI has its corporate headquarters. Yesterday, the company appeared to confirm that speculation when it posted listings for at least six Boca-based jobs at “a leading celebrity/entertainment publication.” A spokesman for AMI insisted the jobs in question are at the Globe and the National Enquirer, both of which are already based in Florida, but he declined to comment on the possibility of Star making the move, saying, “We don’t comment on rumors.”

Considering AMI chief David Pecker has already moved both Star and the Enquirer twice since taking over in 1999, we’re going to translate that as: Pack your sunblock, Star staffers!

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