In Twist, Coulter Victim of Hacking

DYNAMITE POST! Coulter, Jimmy Walker (Photo: Getty Images)
Hack(ed): A letter appeared on Ann Coulter‘s website yesterday claiming she’s actually not a racist, homophobic harpie and has, in fact, just been playing a character for a decade. Psych!

Old spice: The Spice Girls announced that their new greatest hits album will only be available via the Internet and in Victoria’s Secret stores, which may or may not indicate Vic Sec is beginning its foray into the granny-panty market.

Sicko: Jennifer Garner will shoot several PSAs for the American Lung Association as the new Face of Influenza.

Ask dot-com: Yahoo officials are called to testify before the House of Representatives after providing “false information.” The company allegedly fibbed about info it gave the Chinese government, which lead to a journalist being jailed for his writing.

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