Imagine Buying John Lennon’s Hair


There’s something totally creepy about owning a lock of someone else’s hair. When you start paying money—especially five digits—for said hair, it reaches this whole John Mark Karr kind of creepy.

Case and point, the rich hippie who sprung $48,000 at auction yesterday for a greasy lock of rock legend John Lennon’s hair chose to remain anonymous. Of course, this free-lover-turned-frivolous spender isn’t the first weirdo to blow bundles of cash for bundles of follicles.

In late October a Dallas auction house unloaded about 100 strands of Che Guevara hair to a bookstore owner for a 100 grand. The same auction house sold a lock of Abe Lincoln‘s hair for $21,510 earlier in the year. Headless French King Louis XVI’s locks were only able to fetch $5,000 at auction in 1998.

And of course we all remember where we were when Britney‘s strands went for $1 million on eBay. Also remembered as the day irony died.

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