Britney’s Lawyer On Iggy-gate


Britney vs. Kevin. Howard K. Stern vs. Larry Birkhead. Janet Reno vs. Elián González. And now, Ellen DeGeneres vs. some animal-rescue lady. America loves a caustic custody battle, and Iggy-gate, DeGeneres’s tear-jerking death threat-laden, doggie sweater-clad saga, just won’t die. As people debate this one at office water coolers and coffee klatsches around the country, Radar asks experts in bitter custody disputes who deserves the mutt.

As a main player in this week’s other custody fracas (Britney‘s loss of custody, followed by loss of panties, followed by loss of child visitation rights), feminist litigator Gloria Allred knows the pitfalls of baby tug-o-war all too well. But when it comes to dogs, Allred’s opinion is clear: a contract is a contract.

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