I Love Money: Pumkin Says No, Chance

CHANCE IS NIL Some guy named Chance

Of all the badasses in the I Love Money house, it took one of the weakest and blondest members to start shaking things up. Pumkin shocked everyone when she took a stand and sent home faux-thug Chance, a key member of the Stallionaire alliance—in the process earning herself the hatred of half the house, but also helping the chances of the non-Stallionaires to win the $250,000 grand prize.

After her squad, the Gold team, won their fourth straight challenge, “Save the Mac” (based on Midget Mac’s near drowning in the second season of I Love New York), the Green team had to decide which one of their remaining five players should go in the box for elimination. After some debate, Megan and Brandi C. were voted in, and Chance voted himself in to avoid conflict with his fellow Stallionaires. Big mistake.

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