I Love Money: The Happy Ending


Rest easy, America, the madness that is this show is now finito. And what the hell, since it’s our last time through, we’re going to spoil all of it for everyone right now. So if you spent your Sunday out on the town and are hoping to catch last night’s season finale later, avert your eyes. We are seriously going to spill it. Don’t believe? It’s your Monday to ruin.

Okay, first of all, is it wrong to assume that everyone who did watch the show slept a little better Sunday night, secure in the knowledge that Hoopz, the lovable little monster, took home the $250,000 grand prize for winning I Love Money? In the midst of such uncertain times, is it not refreshing to know that a win on Flavor of Love 1 prepares you to take down whatever competition on whatever VH1 show network brainiacs can pull together, that making out with Flavor Flav is still the ultimate training ground on the way to winning a quarter-mill after chilling on a beach in Mexico for a month?

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