I Love Money: Entertainer Annoys No More

NEEDS BUS FARE Entertainer

There is really only one way to summarize last night’s I Love Money: shit went down! And for a show whose whole premise is for shit to go down, that’s really saying something.

It all happened quickly, compliments of the VH1 reality show staple The Stripper Pole. The seven remaining contestants were perched above water and asked to hold onto stripper poles for as long as possible. The last person hanging would be the paymaster, but the first person to drop would face instant elimination. You had to figure a guy to lose, given that almost all the remaining girls probably met their first pole around the age of 13, and sure enough, Entertainer slid off within 30 seconds. Back to your parent’s basement for you, pal! Before long, it was just Megan and Hoopz hanging on for the win, and after 40 minutes Hoopz promised Megan she’d save her if she let go. Deal sealed, Megan dropped and Hoopz was crowned the winner.

And that’s when the crap tornado really started to kick up.

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