I Love Money: Double-Crossers Cut Mr. Boston


It was a sad evening Sunday night, as lying, skeevy pervert Mr. Boston was finally voted out on I Love Money. Ironically, and hilariously, Mr. Boston was the recipient of a double-cross, normally his signature move.

The plan, had it been honored, was simple enough. Realizing they needed to break up the Green team’s strongest members, the “Stallionaires”—Chance, Real, and Whiteboy12 Pack, the Gold team’s captain, asked members of the Green team to throw the next challenge and put one of the Stallionaires in the bottom three. Megan, Brandi C., Mr. Boston, and Destiney all agreed, in exchange for their immunity. The challenge, based on Hottie’s failed attempt to cook a chicken for Flavor Flav’s mom on the first season of Flavor of Love, was to build a catapult to launch chickens. It sounds better than it was, and in the end the Gold Team won. After the challenge was successfully thrown, however, Whiteboy, ever wise to the game, realized there was something fishy afoot.

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