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I Love Money: Destiney Meets Her Fate


Despite threats by her boyfriend The Entertainer to “blow up the house” and “kill everyone in their sleep” should she be voted off, Destiney was eliminated from I Love Money last night, compliments of a firm backstab from Toastee. As it turns out, the age-old adage is true: you can never trust a porn star.

Recall way back in episode one, Destiney saved Toastee from elimination in exchange for safety should she ever be on the chopping block. Well, last night Toastee had the opportunity to repay the favor, but unfortunately for Destiney, it was the a choice between her or Real, who is part of the “Stallionaire” alliance, the most powerful in the house. Toastee believed it was in her best interest to align with the Stallionaires—which also includes Chance and Whiteboy—and so she broke her promise to Destiney, who tried, but failed, to play fair in a house full of schemers.