Hungry Al Bringing the ‘Meat’ in ’08

AL IN Sharpton

York’s real candidate
: With Hillary Clinton already entrenched in the run for president in 2008 and Rudy Giuliani likely to follow her there, a third New Yorker, everyone’s favorite civil rights wordsmith, Al Sharpton, says he’ll bring “meat” to the race.

Bugger off: President Bush‘s funny accented lap dog Tony Blair says the UK will not match any troop increase that the U.S. sends to Iraq.

So inconvenient: Wildfires have destroyed four mansions in Malibu. Fortunately, the residents can safely escape in their helicopters to their vacation homes.

Grounded: Seventy-two-year-old “Sneaky” Pete Kleinow, of the original alt-country band the Flying Burrito Brothers, has died.

Round 10: “Fat slob” Rosie O’Donnell and “snake oil salesmanDonald Trump are at it again. This time she’s calling him a “comb-over bunny,” whatever that is, and insisting that he’s obsessed with her.

Arnold cares: Hot on the heels of his ski injury recovery, accident-prone Fingernator Arnold Schwarzenegger proposes universal health care for California’s 35 million residents.

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