New Site Ideal for Light Doogie-ing, the joint video-on-demand site from NBC Universal and News Corp., is now in beta, and it will probably get you fired. The entire first season of Airwolf is there. So too are Arrested Development, SNL, Miami Vice, The Office, 24 … good Jesus, make it stop!

After a few hours of clicking, we came across an early episode of Doogie Howser, M.D. Neil Patrick Harris may have come out publicly as a “very content gay man” last year, but judging from this 1989 clip, he was pretty content as a flaming 15-year-old, too. Harris, who’s seen here showing off his hairless boy chest (well, save for a new loner) in the shower while singing a drag cabaret version of “Satisfaction,” might not have been aware of his orientation at the time, but the producers sure seemed to get it. They even worked some coded messages (inside jokes?) into the script, which we completely missed when we were 12. Doogie’s pleasure reading is a book about the male prostate. And Vinnie, directly after zooming in on our naked whiz kid’s nipples with his video camera, actually says, “If this is going to work, you gotta keep your hands off my equipment.”

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