The Softer Side of Hulk Hogan

OWN A PIECE OF HULKAMANIA Hogan home at 130 Willadel Drive, Hogan (inset)

Even a guy who’s made a career out of smacking down musclebound warriors in the wrestling ring needs a comfy place to hang his Spandex and do-rags. So when Hulk Hogan set up his pad down in Bellair, Florida, just outside of Tampa, he went all out with soft touches—feminine touches, some might say (not to his face, of course).

This is the house on Hogan Knows Best, surely a fact not lost on realtors hawking the place for $17.9 million. Act quickly and you might still be able to detect the aroma of the astonishing number of pets the Hogans have kept there since the early ’90s (perhaps a factor in reducing the house from its initial asking price of $25 million).

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