Hogan Family Reminding Americans That Their Own Lives Could Be Much Worse

“LOOK, THAT DUDE BROUGHT HIS GRANDMA!” Hogan, Hill (Photo: Getty Images)

Life of late has been rough for America’s favorite dysfunctional royal family of wrestling. Young Nick Hogan is in the can on a eight-month stint for his involvement in a car accident which seriously injured a pal. Hogan patriarch Hulk was humiliated in a recent appearance on Larry King Live. (Yes, someone was humiliated by Larry King). Daughter Brooke‘s music career can most charitably be characterized as “on hold.”

Still, there’s a silver lining to every cloud. Materfamilias Linda—who decided to sever her bond to the Hulkster back in November—has found comfort in the arms of a strapping new partner, 19-year-old Charlie Hill. At nearly 30 years her junior, Hill confers upon Hogan the coveted status of Drag Queen Mother of All Cougars. But it gets better!

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