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Danish Headscarf Hottie Wins iPod


Eighteen-year-old Huda Falah of Gentofte, Denmark, has been crowned the winner of Denmark’s Miss Headscarf 2008 competition! (We can’t believe it either.) The contest is the work of Denmark’s state broadcaster, has been promoted across every media, and has, not surprisingly, sparked heated debate and controversy. Some members of the Muslim community called on women not to participate in the contest—but, hey, it’s not like the contest is forcing women to present proof of an intact hymen or anything.

As for your winner Falah, well, she’s pretty hot. Fashion expert and contest judge Uffe Burchardt (possibly due to some sketchy online translating service) praised the “fantastic and shocking color”—this summer’s hottest trend—and notes how Falah’s scarf is “beautifully draped on her breast.” Stop! We thought this was about modesty. Muslim fashion blogger Helen Latifi adds, “She looks deep, reflecting, and strong. Her beauty is hidden. The headscarf demonstrates reflection and inner calm.” That’s more like it!