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Howard Stern Blasts Bloated Rush


Shock jock Howard Stern weighed in on racism and conservative mouthpiece Rush Limbaugh at last night’s Tribeca Film Festival premiere of The Hammer.

Asked what he thought of Limbaugh’s “Barack the Magic Negro skit,” Stern replied, “I heard it. He’s guilty of not being funny, as usual. I don’t mind race humor, or people talking about racial stuff, [but] it was just lame. He’s lame.” He went on to remark that even though Limbaugh “got thin, he still looks fat. He’s an OxyCotin-head, and he can’t even come clean about that. The guy’s got issues.”

Stern’s cohost, Robin Quivers, hadn’t heard of Limbaugh’s recent antics but was quick to offer her thoughts on the matter. “Rush Limbaugh does parodies?” Quivers laughed. “I just thought he sat on the air and blew hot air all over the place.”

Photo: Getty Images