Howard K Gabs to Gay Rumors

  • Howard K. Stern has stepped forward to put the kibosh on rumors of a gay romp he’s alleged to have had with stalwart baby promoter Larry Birkhead. In an interview set to air Thursday on Entertainment Tonight, the once hopeful daddy of Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter Danniellyn contends author Rita Cosby launched a “character assassination for profit” in reporting the two men were found nude from the waist down while in each other’s arms. “That woman Rita Cosby is either the dumbest person on earth or she knows that she’s printing false information. And I don’t think she’s the dumbest person on earth.” He claims Cosby’s co-conspirators are the same ones he’s faced before who are now returning to say “‘Oh by the way, I forgot … Howard and Larry are gay, and there’s a video of them together.'” [EOnline]

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