How the LAT Almost Blew Pellicano Case

DAMONE’S DAD? Pellicano in his fast times (Photo: Getty Images)

If accused wiretapper Anthony Pellicano would have taken a call from his buddy Chuck Philips of the L.A. Times, he might still be up to his old tricks as Hollywood’s dirtiest dick today, a former employee of the P.I. tells Radar.

On June 20, 2002, Anita M. Busch, a reporter writing about Michael Ovitz for the L.A. Times, found a fish, a rose, a bullet hole, and note that said “Stop” on her car. On the eve of Busch’s testimony in Pellicano’s trial, the New York Times chronicles today how the threats against her lead to the arrest of the shamed shamus, whose trial has ensnared a roster of celebs either accused of hiring the P.I. or enduring his alleged criminal tactics.

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