Hot on the Heels of Mary-Kate, it’s Bryanboy!

Anorexia in motion: Atrociously fascinating blogger Bryanboy dresses up as Mary-Kate Olsen and proves once again that you really can be size triple zero and have enough energy to prance around L.A. like a vigorous, young pony. Take that, Ana Reston.

Worldwide pants: American Apparel’s $68 Slim Slacks have become such a success that the pairs in Almost Black and Dark Peacock are virtually impossible to find in stores. The ones in Royal Blue, however, are still fabulously “out there.”

Ugly Betty Alert!: Nothing makes for better lunch-break reading than a bitter Condé Nast staffer’s blog. View From the Fourth Row anonymously dishes out the inside scoop on designer swag, fashion editors’ holiday getaways, and the peculiar tendencies of pregnant Vogue-ettes. Hear that knocking? That’s Condé security.

Makes more scents: Chest hair purveyor Tom Ford, it seems, has given up his ambitious idea of directing Hollywood films and is instead going to open a menswear boutique and a line of 12 new perfumes—something smelling of butt-crack and patchouli, as usual.

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