Hillary Knows How To Hold A Grudge

PAYBACK’S A BITCH Clinton cover

If Hillary Clinton somehow perseveres in her quest to attain the presidency, Rupert Murdoch may face a terrible vengeance, says former Murdoch employee David Shuster. Apparently, Clinton is upset that, in spite of her myriad, well-publicized efforts to kiss the Australian press despot’s wrinkly bottom, his New York Post went on the attack against her when it looked as if her campaign was going to make its last stop in New Hampshire. Now that she’s survived, though, “the Clinton people, who have very long memories for how the media treats them, are not going to forget that New York Post headline from yesterday and from Monday morning.” Should Murdoch be quaking in boots? Absolutely. Remember how, when Hillary’s husband was president, he totally took Murdoch down? We can only imagine Hillary will be equally as effective.

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