Hil’s Soft-rock Birthday Spectacular

YOU REALLY LIKE ME! Hillary(Photo: Getty Images)

Woman of a certain age: Hillary’s 60th birthday bash drops! Billy Crystal, Elvis Costello, the Wallflowers, and Ron Howard all showed to check foxy pics of Clinton as a feisty coed.

Waffle House hustler: Kid Rock dishes with Ellen about his recent brawl: “One thing led to another, windows were broken, and, you know, cussin’ and fussin’, the mud, the blood, and the beer.” But no tears.

Loving it to death: John McCain rejects Fox News’s request to stop airing an ad featuring his clever jab at Clinton’s Woodstock museum spending: “I wasn’t there…. I was tied up at the time.” McCain argues fair use and plans to milk this funny until its last savory drop.

Kiss of death: Mitt Romney embraces his undorsement from Bob Jones III, whose notorious arch-conservative family university teaches students that Mormonism and Catholicism are cults.

Anchorman 2: Brian Williams signs off from the California fire front with a nod to Ron Burgundy, titling his blog post, “Stay Classy, San Diego.”

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