Hillary Clinton Down, Pretty Much Out

MATH MAGICIAN? Clinton (Photo: Getty Images)

Why is Hillary Clinton still pretending like she can beat out Barack Obama for the Democratic Presidential nomination? That’s the question Politico asks today in a story titled “The Clinton Myth,” which essentially notes that when you couple the delegate math with the fact that the superdelegates won’t turn on the voters unless a crippling Obama scandal emerges, a Clinton victory will take nothing less than an act of God.

Politico even talks to advisers within the Clinton camp who admit that Hillary has “no more than a 10 percent chance” of winning. After some number-crunching, they note that Obama would still end up with more delegates even if Clinton wins 60 percent of all those remaining—and no way is that happening, given his sizeable lead in African-American heavy North Carolina and liberal, white yuppie-heavy Oregon.

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