Meet the Friends of Hillary

UNITER, NOT A DIVIDER Clinton, O’Donnell (inset, left), Trump (inset, right)

Could a Hillary Clinton presidency be the common ground between Donald Trump and Rosie O’Donnell? Does Clinton even read Playboy or watch Jerry Springer? And did she go to the Vagina Festival?

These probing questions and others were raised after a recent public disclosure of campaign finances. According to the Federal Election Commission, Rosie recently cut a check for Hillary’s presidential run (along with checks for Barack Obama and long-shot Bill Richardson). Trump, too, has given to Clinton as recently as last year and can fairly be suspected of having an encouraging role in checks sent to Clinton by his spawn Donald Jr. and Ivanka last month—Trump stated in an interview earlier this year that Clinton was “terrific.”

But the Friends of Hillary don’t stop there. After the jump, some other noteworthy and vaginally obsessed donors …

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