Hillary Hissed in House of Barack

Barack’s home field advantage: A lesson for Hillary: You don’t come to Barack Obama’s home state, criticize him for being a foreign policy newbie, and not expect to hear the jeers.

War of the words: If the New York city council passes its proposed ban on the words “bitch” and “ho,” won’t Rudy Giuliani find it tough to communicate with many of the women in his life?

Juice gets squeezed: Any money O.J. Simpson makes off of All-Pro Football 2K8 must go directly to the Goldman family. Leaving Juice’s only source of income his Naked Gun royalties.

Sandler likes dongs: Ever wonder what it-director Judd Apatow‘s penis looks like? Just ask his former roommate Adam Sandler.

Kiss and tell: A poor, helpless 21-year-old college student is seduced by Britney Spears, then sells the sordid details of his traumatic night to Us Weekly.

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