Rupert and Hillary: The Way They Were

PART-TIME LOVERS Rupert, Hillary (Photo: Getty Images)

Wednesday, Rupert Murdoch‘s New York Post announced its endorsement of Barack Obama in the presidential election, complete with a stinging screed against the Clintons. But wait, hadn’t they all made nice recently? While Murdoch’s rag skewered the pair throughout their White House years, referring to Bill as the “horndog-in-chief,” and it was no kinder to Hillary in her early Senate days, Rupe and the Clintons reached a much publicized détente a few years back. Murdoch went on to host a campaign fundraiser for Hillary’s senate reelection in 2006 and became increasingly involved in the Clinton Global Initiative and efforts to combat global warming. But with yesterday’s Obama endorsement, those Hillary/Murdoch ’08 jokes don’t play. What happened to this less-than-beautiful political odd coupling?

A look back at the Clinton-Murdoch relationship since the beginning of the century …

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