Hide the Memorabilia, OJ’s Loose!

LEAVING LAS VEGAS Simpson(Photo: Getty Images)

Free juice: Vegas judge lets O.J. Simpson leave Nevada on $125,000 bail, advising the Juice that the 11 felony charges against him could send him to jail until his expiration date.

Cuckoo clock: Venezuelan pres Hugo Chavez continues to resist the order “dictated by the imperial United States” and calls for citizens to turn their clocks back half an hour by next Monday. Says Chavez “I don’t care if they call me crazy, the new time will go ahead, let them call me whatever they want.”

Hot-winged migration: China continues to welcome Western influence and prepare for the 2008 Olympics: Hooters opens in Beijing.

Eurotrash-capades: Yale sophomore and “genetically superior” Dane Casper Desfeux is arrested for allegedly videotaping sex with a coed without her permission. Desfeux’s lawyer calls the incident a “misunderstanding.”

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