Hey Guys! Perez Sez Vote Hill!

CODE PINK Your least trusted source for politics (Photo: Getty Images)

More than a virtual guarantee that he won’t doodle a pee-pee next to her mouth, Perez Hilton’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton locks up the coveted retard bloc. And L.A. But the bulbous blogger (born Mario Lavandeira) wants you to know he was much more deliberate in choosing his presidential candidate than, say, choosing team Paris or Nicole.

“After careful consideration and much research, we have come to the informed decision that Hillary is the right candidate for us,” Perez posts. She does love the pink.

And lest anyone ignore the political punditry of a blogger best known for the astonishing revelation that Lance Bass is gay, the endorsement is posted front and center at Hillaryhub.com (paid for by Hillary Clinton for President). Hillary Wire also faxblasted and e-mail blasted out mention of the Perez endorsement. (E-mails at Swampland.)

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