Was Heath Ledger Overprescribed?

MIXED UP Ledger (Photo: Getty Images)

While the initial autopsy proved inconclusive in the death of Heath Ledger, reports that a variety of antianxiety drugs, along with antihistamines and sleep aids, were found near the star’s bed raise troubling questions about possible drug interactions.

Coupled with the recent news claiming that empty baggies—perhaps once filled with a narcotic—and a “suspiciously” rolled-up, powder-coated $20 bill were found in Ledger’s apartment, it might not be surprising if the actor’s death was somehow caused by some terrible combination of drugs gone awry. Radar spoke with Frank Owen, author of No Speed Limit: The Highs and Lows of Meth. Owen wrote a piece in our February issue about the death of nightlife stalwart Dean Johnson, who overdosed in September.

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