Heath, Michelle: A Divorce Grows in Brooklyn

UNHEATHY MARRIAGE Williams, Ledger (Photo: Getty Images)

I can quit you: Brooklyn power couple Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams end their three-year love fest, and a custody battle over their brownstone ensues.

Fred gets a Romnoscopy: The verbal sparring between Mitt Romney and Fred Thompson begins as Mitt sarcastically asks Fred: “Why the hurry? Why not take a little longer to think this over?”

Big plans: Pres. Bush is anxiously awaiting the end of his presidency so he can get “bored,” “replenish the ol’ coffers” with speeches, and end the frequent crying.

High School drama: Squeaky clean it-boy Zac Efron denies reports that he’s holding out for more money to make High School Musical 3. As long as it has a good script, he’s in, he says in a passive-aggressive masterstroke.

Only the cool die young: A new study reveals that rock stars are three times more likely to die than the general public. Stones not included.

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