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Heath Ledger Flexes Modelizing Muscles

WARD OF THE COURTSHIP Gemma, Heath (inset)

Is it any wonder that Heath Ledger, who’s looking a bit rough around the edges these days, would start chasing models just days after his split from Michelle Williams? What’s more, the models and mattresses that Ledger is latching on to seem to be growing younger, in an inverse relationship to the Aussie thesp’s receding hairline. Last fall, the newly single Ledger was first spotted doing the requisite canoodling with model Helena Christensen, 39. Then came the whispers that he and a freshly rehabbed Lindsay Lohan, 21, were an item. But after testing out his lechery at the Beatrice Inn in Manhattan, Ledger finally turned to obsessively pursuing model-actress Gemma Ward, who’s also from Perth, Australia, Ledger’s hometown.

The stalking seems to have worked, given that the pair hooked up over the holidays and are now said to be a bona fide couple, well on their way to becoming Oz’s version of Brangelina. That said, we can’t help but think it’s a little creepy that Ledger’s bedding a woman who’s basically the skinnier, younger, freakishly taller version of his blonde, baby-faced baby mama Williams.

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