Carville Dines Out On New Mexican

TURNCOAT Richardson, Carville (inset) (Photo: Getty Images)

He said, he said: Hillary Clinton adviser James Carville calls New Mexico Governor and super-delegate Bill Richardson “Judas” for endorsing Barack Obama. Richardson responds by saying that many of the people around Hillary practice “gutter” politics and “have a sense of entitlement to the presidency.” No wonder some British dude is comparing this race to a crackpot episode of Dynasty.

Intimate affairs: If it’s true that Eliot Spitzer kept his socks on when he was paying for sweet loving, sexperts say it could mean he has a fear of intimacy. Wow, really? What does his not wanting to wear a condom mean?

No pearls: The Chinese government is pissed at Dalai Lama friend and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for speaking out against the violence in Tibet. But then you kinda expected it would be.

OH YEAH, THERE’S MORE: Ryan Seacrest’s evil plot; Tyra’s stalker on the loose; and puppy love!

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