The Girls Go Wild in Have I Got a Guy For You

CUT THE CORD Alix Strauss’ latest

At Wednesday night’s party for Have I Got a Guy for You, a book edited by Alix Strauss, the sushi was fresh, the wine crisp, and the women armed with sharp-witted horror stories of the disasters that follow being setup by, you guessed it, their mothers.

In the chic Alice + Olivia store overlooking Bryant Park, several dozen women (and one lone dude) gathered to celebrate Strauss’ ode to mom playing matchmaker. Two years in the making, Strauss told Radar the book was inspired by a date brokered by her mom and with a man who turned out to be married. To her great credit, Strauss’ mom—a charming woman who first relayed to Radar her Taryn Rose shoes were giving her trouble—told us that any matchmaking she’s attempted over the years has been the result of “pure happenstance,” and that she carries her daughter’s picture in her purse because she’s “just so proud of her.” Hard to be mad at that, but then again, we’ve never had to suffer through dinner with a man complaining that his wife thinks he’s immature and that the bitch was unwilling to give him an annulment.

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