Harvard Harder Than Most Imagine

SAVING YOUR FLOWER True Love Revolution

If they’re not banging their way though the League like Sex and the Ivy‘s Lena Chen (’09), Harvard’s freaks are swearing off sex altogether. True Love Revolution (TLR), a Harvard student group that preaches abstinence, isn’t out to save anyone’s soul from eternal damnation and hellfire, though. How’s that scholarly? Instead, the pent-up members believe couples should practice chastity to foster healthier romantic relationships, reports Harvard Crimson columnist Kathleen E. Hale. The group’s website states that its mission is to “strive to present another option to our peers regarding sex-related issues, endorsing ideas of abstinence and chastity as a positive alternative for personal and health reasons.”

So, asks Hale, what about dry humping?

“There are tons of enjoyable and affectionate things that couples can do,” TLR’s Justin S. Murray (’07) says. “You can share long conversations to learn about one another’s past and dreams for the future. You can take walks along the river, enjoy dates involving dinner or dancing, kiss and cuddle, discover ways to serve other people together.”

Other people—now you’re talkin’!

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