Harry Potter And The Sexy Bridge To Nowhere


• Author J. K. Rowling has won her lawsuit defending her precious little wizards against an unauthorized encyclopedia.
Financial Times Washington columnist (and former World Bank consultant) Clive Crook is aghast at “the derision poured down from Democratic party talking heads and much of the media too” on Sarah Palin. Boy, he’s the king of the straw man.
• Speaking of Sarah Palin! The AP sure has been busy running their “fact check” features on politician claims this season. Today they get to the facts in The Incredibly Confusing Story Of Sarah Palin And The Bridge To Nowhere.
Annie Leibovitz explains some of her photographs in an appropriately strange and glassy manner.
The new Los Angeles Times magazine, the one that’s “a separate and independently edited publication” from the paper, is out!
• Hey hey, literary agent Bill Clegg has sold that memoir he was shopping to Pat Strachan at Little, Brown, reports The Observer. Drinks are on us, Bill!

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