Sunday Is Mother’s Day

So our promotions guy David Cho is a strong believer in content tied to specific holidays and events. He’s got some wacky theory about how it drives traffic and brings eyeballs to the site. Every meeting we have he tosses out ideas for features and quizzes we can peg to different dates and festivals (I can’t tell you what we’ve got planned for Arbor Day, but be very, very excited). I saw him this morning and he was looking a little down.

“What’s wrong, young Cho?” I asked. (David just turned 17 last week.)

“We should have done something for Mother’s Day,” he said disconsolately.

Well, maybe we should have; if I have a fault as a manager it’s that I’m inclined to forget things I don’t give a shit about, and pulling together a feature for Mother’s Day is way near the top of that list. But Cho just looked so sad, I knew we had to have something. So I did a quick survey of folks in the office for the holiday. Results follow.

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