Jolly St. Graydon

WHAT WE’VE GAINED Carter(Photo: Patrick McMullan)

It may be time for Graydon Carter to cut back on the $55 mac-n-cheese at the Waverly Inn. Photographer Annie Leibovitz had the Vanity Fair editor don a Santa Claus outfit as part of the magazine’s Christmas special. Cute, except for one tiny problem: On the day of the shoot, the style team forgot the “stuffing” needed to bulk up Graydon’s Santa suit.

“Annie was so pissed at everyone. She kept saying, ‘How the hell are we gonna do this shoot without the stuffing?'” says the source. “We were all scrambling trying to figure out what to do. It was a total mess.”

Graydon then arrived at the shoot, looking rather … robust. “Annie takes one look at him and laughs, ‘I guess it’s okay we don’t have the stuffing,'” says the source. “He literally looked as big as Santa Claus. She ended up taking the photos without the fat suit.”

Just like it was when you played Santa at those Spy parties, huh, Graydon?

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