Royalty Rules the Rumor Rags

TOUGH TALK Brown, Diana (inset)

Tina Brown: The former New Yorker editrix is ruffling upper-crust feathers with her forthcoming tell-all of Princess Diana. Friends of the late Princess used the tired old excuse that Tina misrepresented herself as a buddy of Diana’s when approaching interviewees. “Diana was not a friend of Tina Brown,” the source sniffed.

Prince William: Did he kick girlfriend Kate Middleton to the curb because of a practical joke? Her buddies Xeroxed Kate’s face onto a pound note in place of Queen Elizabeth’s mug shortly before she got the ax from Wills.

Aretha Franklin: The Queen of Soul’s associates have been twittering that Dreamgirl Jennifer Hudson will play Aretha in the musical version of her life.

Barbra Streisand: Jewish American Princess Babs is gearing up for a farewell tour … again. Gossip’s queen mother, Cindy Adams, has a few choice words for Long Island’s favorite singer, mocking her “fat wallet and even fatter behind.”

Photo: Getty Images

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