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Gossip Girl Set Once Again Resembles a Middle-School Cafeteria

Remember when pot-smoking Gossip Girl starlet Leighton Meester allegedly got Asian cast mate Nan Zhang kicked off the show because she hated her and didn’t want to hang out with her on set? Well, now it’s Blake Lively‘s turn to play diva: a rep for the show (ahem, a “spywitness”—the second season premiere is only one month away!) tells Page Six that no one will talk to the “new cute brunette” who plays the love interest of Lively’s off-screen boyfriend Penn Badgley “because they don’t want to upset Blake.” Blake is allegedly marking Penn as her territory by making out with him after every single take, and it’s “making everyone uncomfortable,” most notably the poor girl who has unwittingly become a black sheep because she happened to join a cast still on a power high from its two-page spread in Vanity Fair‘s “Young Hollywood” issue.

In any case, those two better not break up while the show is filming, or else Josh Schwartz and company are going to have a serious mess on their hands.