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Gossip Girl: Serena is Assimilated

WHO’S THAT SLUT? Dan, New girl, Serena (inset)

We’ve heard a lot about the “Bad Serena” lurking beneath those lit-boy crushes and flaxen hair extensions. This episode we (finally!) got to see her.

Torn apart by the love of Dan Humphrey, who has taken to lunch-dating a brunette with bangs, Serena slipped back into her nefarious martini drinking ways—she is slouching, rolling up her skirt, wearing pastel scarves on her head like some kind of UES Crip, and suffering the presence of Dalton lacrosse players.

This is going to be very good. Mostly because the return of “Bad Serena” is more in keeping with Cecily von Ziegesar‘s first few books, and allows for some actual drama as Blair and Serena battle it out for alpha-girl status.

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