Whet Your Palate For Gossip Girl Season Two!

We were so caught up re-reading Proust and stuff yesterday that we totally missed these teasers for Gossip Girl Season Two. We will soon be saved from the summer TV drought, and be reminded that Blake Lively has another job besides appearing on the cover of pretty much every magazine, when the show returns on September 1. Lively’s Serena is featured in each of the short teasers, but, as usual, it’s Leighton Meester‘s Blair who has all the best lines, such as, “a hot lifeguard is like Kleenex, use once and throw away.” Let’s just hope that when the new season does get underway we’ll have plenty more of Blair’s wit and not too much of Serena’s snooze-worthiness. But who knows, now that she’s split with Dan, maybe Serena’s life will be more entertaining, and, one can hope, more slutty.

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