Gossip Girl: OMG! Let’s All Go to Yale!?

JUICY CAMPUS (IRL!) Blair, Serena

This week on Gossip Girl the whole gang drove up to New Haven to a participate in some full-body-contact competitive college admissions. Yay for Yale! (Or, rather, yay for Columbia where the episode was actually shot.)

Things we learned from our favorite Upper East Siders’ sojourn: Getting into Yale is some serious business. It’s not, contrary to popular belief, about posting perfect test scores, flaunting a flawless GPA, giving violins to homeless kids, or being a nationally ranked cockswain. No. It’s all about secret ballots and impressing the dean with your cocktail party conversation. (Brunette applicants who lack an easy charm may have to bribe admissions secretaries with porcelain cat tchotchkes off ebay.) At one point the dean will ask you to name the one person—living or dead—you’d most like to have dinner with. If you choke, or say something lame like “Jesus” it’s off to Brown with you.

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