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Gore’s Assault on Gossip


• Possible presidential candidate Al Gore, who fans gushed over at the Union Square Barnes & Noble in Manhattan on Friday, has little patience for global headlines featuring tabloid tarts—especially when it trumps stories on energy efficient living and investigations into false claims that Saddam Hussein attacked the nation on 9/11. In promoting his new book, The Assault on Reason, Gore has taken to groaning about how obsessive coverage of celebretards contributes to the “destruction of the boundary between news and entertainment.” At a New York appearance, Gore said, “What is it about our collective decision-making process that has led us to this state of affairs where we spend much more time in the public forum talking about or receiving information about Britney Spears shaving her head, or Paris Hilton going to jail, or Anna Nicole Smith‘s estate lawyers … and are Joey Buttafuoco and Amy Fisher back together?” Amazingly informed for a man seemingly opposed to such salacious news. Mr. Gore must be out of his mind over the coverage of L-Lo‘s DUI.

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