Spying on Google Co-Founder’s Wedding

ISLAND STYLE Necker Island on Google Earth
Google co-founder Larry Page is slated to marry girlfriend Lucy Southworth this weekend on Necker Island, the private British Virgin Island owned by fellow billionaire Richard Branson—that’s the one curiously obscured by clouds on Google Earth and Maps. (Don’t call Southworth a vacuous trophy wife—she’s a Stanford Ph.D!). Valleywag has scored pics from the site of the upcoming nuptials, where preparations evidently include artificially building up the island’s sandbar and erecting plastic palm trees.

You’d think someone of Page’s financial status could afford to throw the soirée at an actual beach. Then again, you’d also think he could buy his way into Manhattan hangout the Beatrice Inn, so maybe $20 billion just isn’t what it once was.

Note: Google co-founder Sergey Brin got married to Yale grad Anne Wojcick in the Bahamas last year, leaving married (but philandering) CEO Eric Schmidt as a gold digger’s best bet.

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